Autumn's Twilight

Collections of the leaves of life

Let the beat fall silent

I’ve always heard the drums of war beating.
In the words of friends and foes,
the beat grows strong or slows
and now in the moment of crescendo
louder now I hear the beat going strong.
I’ve always heard the drums of war beating
yet never found the source
for I failed to look inside my heart
that which separates me from you
is just the drum that beats out war.
For I have stilled that drum of mine
and thus I hear yours beating strong.
I am you and you are me.
We are one, in unity.
Let love embrace and soothe your heart
let kindness be the guiding light
let memory know that you are me
and we are one for we stand strong
and the drums of war will still.


I kissed the Devil and I liked it.

The blue birds don’t sing no more.
Oh, they don’t sing no more.
Bare are the branches of your tree.
Standing unadorned.

Yes, I understand this topsy-turvy world.
The crunch of flesh is sweeter than a kiss.
Your anger is just the drowning depths of love.
My eyes glaze over once again.

My Prince you are
Dressed in black and crowned with
Black roses, mourn.
Mourn and rot into the dust of the earth.

You opened Pandora’s box
And found someone more exquisite
Than Persephone, born from your
Darkest dreams.

I kissed you on the cheek.
You slapped me for my effort.
Grinning, I became the mist
That haunts your dreams.

I sit in the bough of your tree
Strangling the blue birds
Watching their broken wings
Flutter to the ground.


It’s caught in the web,
struggling against the strands.
Some dreams are wistful reminders

of an unlived life,

And grateful, it is not us
stuck struggling in the web.


It’s Midnight when my thoughts turn to you.
Where are you, my love?

I close my eyes and drift to sleep.
How was your day, love?
Have you been loved enough?

I hope you’ve had enough to eat
and stay warm though the night.
I wish, I wish you were near.

Think of me, my love.
Think softly of me, my love.

She Awakens

Let me breath and clear my mind
Of all anger.
I stretched out my shoulders
And bent the earth around me.
My anger surfaced fresh into the light.

Let me breath and shake softly
This anger.
Sing my songs once more.
Sooth my heart, let me hear your love
Once again.

Let me breath and clear my mind
Of all anger.
Let your love sooth me.
Let your love echo in the valley
Once more.

Ah, Love.
In my arms you become
The Whip across my back
As I focus my pain
Into pleasure.

You are whole.
Realize your wounds heal.
You are complete.
Realize you have scars.
Have compassion for yourself.
Forgive yourself.
You are whole.

I let go of hope
And let it rot.
Watched it return
From where it came.
Back into the endless
Well of creation it goes,
To be reborn anew
To set alight
On some fresh dream
For me to pursue
Once again.

Obediently Contextualized


I felt the wind rush past my ears as my soul raced towards the pinnacle, dancing and screaming joy out loud. I stood not without but was within, screaming and crying, letting tears race unheeded.

The impossible had happened!
I was sure of it!
He was speaking to me again!

I rushed to my pen to write a response, for what I thought I understood ‘keep writing but I’ll leave you alone.’ For I had felt this giant ‘No! Please don’t!’ My heart spoke, “I’d do anything but please don’t take your words away from me.”

Then I realized, sometimes a squirrel is just a squirrel. The clock tocked only five minutes had past. Tears ran, soured.

The impossible had happened.
I had climbed the highest mountain.
I had rushed the deepest depths.

All for the love of a man who has no idea how he effects me still. And today I face the simple fact, I crave him still. Just the thought of him speaking to me sent me into a joyful delirium.

The fact that my presence causes him to rage, and my actions have lead him to hate me, though its a pain I bare, it is a pain that makes my valves stutter when I think of it.

He is like the buttercups that I killed in the spring of my childhood. I’ve hurt the ones I love. I find that unbearable and somehow I must.

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